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Mythic Fan Deck

Colors / Fandecks – $29.99

The Non Toxic Paint Colors are not found at big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

Our Paint Colors are matched, mixed and made to order right here.

The Non Toxic Paint Colors might be the only reason people use our paint products but we always have to remind them that the Non Toxic Paint Products we sell are generally safer, hold up better and cost the same or less, so we say go ahead and compare:

Mythic Non Toxic Paint Fan Deck

1252 Exciting and Vibrant Non Toxic Paint Colors

1252 Exciting Non Toxic Paint Colors: Not only  do we offer plenty of colors but we also offer Historic Colors, an Off-White Collection and a Legendary Color Collection.

Color Matching & Record Keeping: We can easily color match most any color you may be using today from a sample. We have 100’s of thousands of color matches in our databases from other companies and can keep your color records for you to access in our private professional log-in area.

Coverage: Our products simply cover a little better which means our cans go further, often not requiring a second coat in our pastels and some mediums, and with coverage that is usually better than the industry’s best paints in our deep and accent colors.

No Toxins GraphicScrub-ability that Impresses: With a stronger resin formula than many paints, our paints can be washed over and over and over without showing any sign of wear. Most paints that depend on chalk or sand as their solids content will break down quickly when scrubbed and ours does not.

Touching up is Easy: Our products may be more consistent from batch to batch so results from touchups will be better than most big, high volume paint companies. Of course, there are tricks to touching up that professionals have learned like semi-dry-brush and roller methods that make touchups less conspicuous.

We Offer Training: Most professionals will tell you that operator error is the biggest source of complaints when products fail and paint is no different. What is seen as a simple job by most folks can actually take a lot of training and skill to do well. We offer estimating, management, safety and hands-on training to our customers for free right at your facility!