Why would you want to use Mythic Non Toxic Paints? it’s really very simple since the pedigree of certifications they carry are unmatched in the paint industry. Here’s a slice of the information we studied here at Non Toxic Paint Supply before we chose Mythic products over all the others in the marketplace:

Certifications are a sticky subject when it Paint with the windows closedcomes to chemicals and building products, partially because of the actions of many companies to pervert the use of the word green, using it to describe chemicals, plastic and insurance. Transparency is gradually coming to consumer products and to the chemical industry with the internet and people’s ability to become educated overnight about a subject. There is an audacious goal that we can correct this all overnight but the reality is that the 20th century brought us the indiscriminate pollution of our world and the time frame to fix it, assuming we all work together is now hundreds of years.

Concerned about the reality we face?  Want to begin to grasp the problem? Visit these links:

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