Much Smarter Paint

Our private label store brand, which took us two years to finalize, Much Smarter Paint is the most popular substitute for the Mythic Paint brand. It is a thick, rich, great covering paint with very little odor and carries the same verification labels that were on the Mythic product. It also has two paint performance certifications. Our past Mythic customers love it. We think you will too. 

Mythic Non Toxic Paint

Mythic is out of business. Exactly why they are gone is not clear to us. We still have some product here, with a lot of their super high quality exterior product available. If you loved Mythic, try our Smarter Paint. Money back guarantee on your first gallon!

Richards Specialty Paints

We offer Richards Traffic Paints and Field Paints for our facilities customers. We can also special order anything you may need from them at fantastic prices with fast delivery.

Vermont Natural Coatings

One of our favorite DIY store brands, we love their All in One Stains and Furniture Finishes. They are a great product that we have been selling many years with great customer approval.

Norton Professional Finishes

Norton Sealers, 2500 and 3500 are fantastic high end residential finishes made by VNC that we are very proud to offer. We also offer the certified MVP High Gloss Gym Finish for our school customers.

Bohme Exterior Stains

Bohme is a great line of imported exterior stain and finish products from VNC. We are currently dropshipping this product to our customers at the best prices in the marketplace.

Whizz Brushes and Rollers

We carry the Amazing WHIZZ painting system and we love to sell our customers these long lasting products without selling them things they don’t need. If we give you good painting advice you will keep coming back.

TECH SUPPORT: GIve us a call at 973 886 4722 if you have any questions trying to figure out quantities or colors. If you are painting for the first time we are happy to help you get professional results.