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Doing business with us: We are primarily a commercial “mix and deliver” company so we may not be as accessible as some of the big stores.  We are very adaptable and can often make things easier for you just by calling. We have arranged overnight deliveries, same day deliveries, halfway meeting points, hurry up orders, factory drop ships and rush courier services as well as coming in early or staying late to meet our clients to get them what they need. We hope having a unique, safe, non-toxic paint will make the difference for you and that you will work with us. We are the hardest working paint store you will ever find.

Online Ordering: If you know your colors andnon-toxic-paint Logo Development product type this is the easiest way to get what you want the fastest possible way. We can arrange for easy delivery or arrange to meet at our distribution and color mixing center in Roseland, NJ at your convenience.

Telephone: Please feel free to call us at 973-886-4722  if you have questions of any kind. If we are busy and miss your call, please leave a detailed message and we will call you back immediately.

Email: Feel free to email us at and we will get back to you very quickly with answers to your questions or order updates. Please leave your full contact information.

Matching Colors: We match colors exceedingly well with our near perfect matching system but sometimes the name and code number from competitors products can create confusion because inks on brochures, pixels on a screen and paint on the wall are all perceived differently by the eye. For color matching, we insist on having names and numbers.

Perfect Match: If you need better than “near perfect” we will have to arrange for you to send by mail or drop off your samples at our distribution center for a custom spectrophotometer and color tweaking if necessary.

Distribution and Pickup Location                                                                                                  

117C Harrison Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068

NOTE: Our location is directly on Harrison Avenue. Most GPS directions will bring you into the plant behind our building. When you are close, turn off the GPS and look for the little white house with the solar panels. We are located on the basement level. Park in the lot we share with the engine repair shop.

Please call to Schedule a Presentation for:

  • School Board
  • Health & Safety Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Buildings and Grounds Department
  • Architects & Design Team
  • Parents Association
  • Municipal Council
  • Green Teams
  • Sustainable Jersey
  • Professional Association