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Non Toxic Paint Supply was started by Mythic Paint Buy Onlineconcerned folks who saw a need for safer, higher quality, virtually odorless and affordable paint products for the institutional market, specifically for schools and hospitals. You can breathe easy knowing that our first goal is to offer the safest products we can find in the marketplace for use in schools, hospitals and health conscious facilities and that is why we offer Mythic Non-Toxic Paints! If asthma and allergy triggers, chemical and solvent odors and lost-time absentee incidents are a problem for your facility, rest assured, we are experienced like no other company and we have the answers you are looking for.

Thinking about money

Do you Make Decisions Only About Money or Try to Balance Heatlh and Wellness with Expediency?

Schools trust Mythic Paint Non Toxic Paint and Non Toxic Paint Supply to help them save money. In fact, often times when we are done with our free twelve point analysis of their painting operation we have found them savings on materials and labor that they did not think was possible. It seems that the discussion in facility management seems to always be about money and how much gallons cost rather than trying to manage the entire project better. Many times the health and wellness of building occupants and especially our children are neglected in the discussion about cost.  Isn’t the health and wellness of these folks the most important issue on the table today? If you agree, we are your company and we will earn and keep your trust with honest, reliable information.

Hospitals can also see a benefit from using the safest, non-toxic paint products in their facilities. People with compromised or even undeveloped immune systems are the last ones who should be around hazardous air pollutants. Facilities managers seem to forget that cancer, pediatrics and maternity wards should be amongst the safest areas and rarely are. For many years, chemical odors from industrial sanitizers and cleaning solvents were a common smell in hospitals but they are now realizing that people are actually getting sick from being in hospitals and studies are indicating that solvents and over-zealous cleaning is part of the problem and paint is leading that charge.

The Nose Knows When Odors are Harmful

Always Trust Your Nose. It Knows When Chemical Vapors are Harmful

Facilities maintenance, buildings and grounds departments, health and safety and operations managers find Non Toxic Paint Supply to be knowledgeable partners. Their goal to keep building occupants happy while minimizing lost time incidents from building conditions can be challenging. Often, at the first sign of painting contractors or colors selection, the folks who respond negatively to odors immediately schedule vacation time, harming office productivity in unintended ways. Upon return, many people can still find the odor of fresh paint to be an ongoing source of headaches and nausea. With toxic fumes, unregulated solvents and hazardous chemicals in the air for months or years sometimes, they are perfectly justified to leave work early. We have a non-toxic solution for that and it will make you wonder why you ever used industrial quality, facility paints that actually end up costing businesses more. The simple answer is that you didn’t know the Mythic Non-Toxic Paint option was available. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation for your school today by reaching out to us at or by calling 973-886-4722.

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to buy paint online. Choose a Mythic Color for a perfect match or plug in the brand, color and color number of your favorite paint and we will do a great job matching it and get it out to you right away! What could be easier?

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